Why Managed Print Services?

Rothwell Document Solutions and our Managed Print Services (MPS) strategy empowers you with the ability to manage printing costs. The following are 3 reasons that organizations turn to Rothwell to manage and control costs associated with print output.

Cost Reduction

  • Office printing can consume 1-3% of a company’s annual revenue.
  • Organizations that actively manage their printing can reduce costs by up to 30% while increasing productivity.

Management Control

  •  You cannot manage what you cannot measure.
  • Fragmented decision making and purchasing patterns for hardware, supplies and service make it nearly impossible to determine the actual cost of printing, let alone controlling it.
  • Rothwell gives you control over the cost of printing, allow you to make good management decisions.


  • Very few things inhibit office productivity more than a printer that is out of service.
  • Many of the companies we serve have many different brands and models of printers making it nearly impossible to stock all of the required toner, manage all of the print drivers and coordinate service with multiple vendors.
  • We can help you develop printer standards, reduce downtime and improve the productivity of your employees.

What Are The Benefits?

The CEO Will Be Happy

  • A strategy will be implemented that cuts costs, boosts productivity, and creates efficiencies.

The CFO Will Be Happy

  • Current printer assets can be maintained without adding unnecessary capital expenses, reducing the IT infrastructure budget.
  • Printing costs are accurately measured and attributed.
  • Printing assets are fully inventoried.
  • Multiple vendors for printer supplies, service and hardware can be consolidated into one vendor, reducing payables cost.

The IT Manager Will Be Happy

  • All printing devices will be identified in minutes.
  • Maintenance and supply issues will be identified and resolved proactively.
  • Printer-related questions can be resolved through our helpdesk, reducing internal help-desk calls.
  • Printer fleet management headaches will disappear, allowing the IT department to focus on core business initiatives.

The Purchasing Manager Will Be Happy

  • Hardware usage can be quickly assessed.
  • Future hardware purchases can be based on actual usage trends and needs.

Your Employees Will Be Happy

  • Automatic shipment of supplies ensures printers always have toner.
  • Proactive service response reduces downtime.